ZuperCloud Pricing

Professional cloud solution for as little as € 4 per user per month

Plenty of space - affordable pricing

Domainbox offers ZuperCloud for prices as little as €4 per month.

ZuperCloud Pricing and Functions

ZuperCloud Personal Team Hybrid Enterprise
Users 1 Min 2* Min. 10 Min. 20
Storage pre user
10 GB 100 GB Unlimited Unlimited
Price per user per month €4 €8  €8,50  €8,50 
Local drive      
Online backup      
File sharing      
Secure file sharing  
File syncronization  
Drive mapping  
File lock  
Private file sharing  
Hybrid Cloud with own file server    
Host ZuperCloud yourself      
Active Directory      

* Send us an inquiry if you need more than 20 user licenses.
All prices are listed in Euro (€) excluding VAT

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