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Online Storage Desktop Integration

Use online storage as if it were just another drive on your Desktop



ZuperCloud makes it easy to use online storage services. It support ZuperCloud Cloud Storage, SkyDrive, Google Drive, Box, Amazon S3, OpenStack Swift, HP Cloud, Rackspace Cloud Files, EMC Atmos, Nirvanix and many other cloud storage services.

Files and folders can be integrated natively into your desktop as a local drive allowing users to access online storage through a local drive.

Problem Statement

You would like to use online storage. However, you don't want to learn yet another way to access storage. You prefer to have drive letter access directly from Windows Explorer or Mac Finder. Many other online storage services have web browser based access and special synchronization folder access, without providing direct random access with a drive letter.

Most users are familiar with the concept of a USB or external drive. So, when online storage is presented as a virtual external drive, it provides the easiest path to adoption.

Previous Options

Most online storage services have browser based access methods. Some also have a specialized folder that will be synchronized with online storage. These require users to learn new access paradigms for online storage, which are unfamiliar and take time.

ZuperCloud Solution

ZuperCloud allows you to access online storage directly from a desktop PC or file server. The online storage will appear as a drive letter for direct random access.

The ZuperCloud Desktop client makes it easy to integrate these online storage services into Windows Explorer as a drive letter.
Solution - ZuperCloud Cloud Desktop Client

The ZuperCloud Cloud Desktop Client creates a local drive for the online storage service you are using.


The ZuperCloud Personal Solution provides a simple, secure file and folder sharing solution over the Internet, and allows you to access online storage from a local drive.
Next Steps

Sign up for a ZuperCloud Personal account. After that, you can download the included ZuperCloud Desktop client and connect it to your account.


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