File Synchronization


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File Synchronization


ZuperCloud keeps your files synchronized across cloud storage, file servers, desktops and mobile devices in multiple locations. Built for Business.



Collaborate with Control

Follow-me data cloud solution
– Store sync and share your business files across multiple devices.

Enterprise Class Security – ZuperCloud uses complex data-at-rest encryption to secure your content before it leaves your device and all communication occurs across secure SSL connections.

Offline Access – Access any file from any location - even when you’re offline.

Sync with Control

File Locking – Available for files inside a team folder. Automatically lock files when opened.

Versioned Folders – Track changes to all files within the folder. Control how many versions are kept and for how long. Restore and undelete using old versions.

File Comments – Add comments to files and folders in team folders

Change Notification – Team members can subscribe to receive notifications whenever the contents of a file or folder are modified.

Replace Outdated Technologies

FTP Replacement – Exchange large files with clients and coworkers on any device

VPN Replacement – VPNs usually require additional tools to enable mobile access. With ZuperCloud, you no longer need a VPN and can support any device with much better performance

Backup Replacement – Synchronizing your files to the cloud provides automatic backup.

Easy Migration – ZuperCloud can make it easy to gradually retire file servers by first connecting them to cloud storage to seamlessly transfer content and create online servers.

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