Hybrid Cloud with File Servers


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Hybrid Cloud with File Servers

ZuperCloud Enterprise provides several integration options for your existing file servers.



Hybrid File Server with Cloud Storage

File Server Integration
– Attach existing file shares to cloud storage for 2-way synchronization. Migrate existing access controls to create virtual online servers

Offline Access – Continue working after internet connectivity is lost and changes are synchronized when connectivity is restored

Disaster Recovery – Continue working from cloud copies during disaster recovery scenarios or system failures.

Remote File Server Access

Configure File Server as Cloud Storage – Install ZuperCloud’s 3-tiered platform on-premise in minutes and configure it to use your file server as its cloud storage

Access File Server from Mobile Devices – Access file server content from any location with mobile devices without using a VPN or any third party connectivity tools

Complete VPN Replacement – Tired of slow VPN based access to files? ZuperCloud’s on-premise solution is designed to provide secure, fast file transfers across the internet.

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