OpenStack Swift Integration


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OpenStack Swift File Sharing

ZuperCloud Enterprise lets you create a private sync and share solution using OpenStack Swift and many other private cloud storage services.



Private Storage

API Compatible
– Simply supply ZuperCloud with an access point and credentials to create a private sync and share solution based on object storage like OpenStack Swift, any S3 compatible, and more

DFS Integration – Leverage DFS or any other local storage platform

File Server Integration – Provide remote access to files stored behind the firewall using any device without using a VPN or public cloud.

Simple On-Premise Deployment

Installable Sync and Share – ZuperCloud provides a Windows Installer (MSI) package that creates stateless servers based on Microsoft components. It’s easy to install, manage, and scale.

AD Integration – Automatically use existing identities and home shares from Active Directory

Complete Control – The entire solution can be deployed and managed on-premise, from private cloud storage to orchestration to clients.

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