Self Hosting On-Premise


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Self Hosted File Sync and Share

ZuperCloud provides a sync and share platform that is completely owned by the Enterprise, from the private cloud storage and control infrastructure to the front-end web browser, desktop client and mobile devices.



Installable Sync and Share

Secure Private Cloud
– ZuperCloud provides an installable sync and share platform that avoids the threat of information leakage through public cloud storage.

Complete On-Premise Deployment – Unlike many other solutions, ZuperCloud’s orchestration layer can be deployed on-premise with your private cloud storage and clients

Private Cloud Storage – Use your local file server or any private cloud storage service such as OpenStack Swift, EMC Atmos or any S3 compatible

Easy Migration – ZuperCloud can make it easy to gradually retire file servers by first connecting them to the cloud to seamlessly transfer their content.

Active Directory Integration

Import AD Users – Browse AD to import selected users

Automatic Configuration – Configure ZuperCloud to automatically authenticate and add AD users when they first connect

Publish AD Home Directories – Users will continue to use their home folders published in AD as their ZuperCloud home directory Branding.


Self Service Branding – Use the management console to rebrand the web interfaces and desktop clients with your own logos and images at no additional cost.

Full Service Branding – Includes the ability to rebrand the mobile clients and the file server agent.

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