ZuperCloud Enterprise

ZuperCloud Enterprise

With ZuperCloud Enterprise you will have own cloud service at your disposal on your own premises - tailored to the needs of the company.

ZuperCloud goes one step further than the Hybrid solution and provides with your cloud solution hosted inside your company. All synchronization between file servers and storage happen within the company itself - an attractive prospect for companies worrying about data theft and leakage.

Who is it for?

ZuperCloud Enterprise is primarily targeted larger companies with their own IT department who require maximum security and control.


With ZuperCloud Enterprise the company will have its own cloud at its disposal - allowing for attachment to existing file servers and storage services. User management continues to be handled through Active Directory.


  • ZuperCloud Enterprise makes VPN- and FTP redundant
  • File servers is accessible from outside the company
  • Create your own cloud storage based on existing file servers
  • Attach ZuperCloud Enterprise to external storage such as Amazon S3 or private storage such as OpenStack Swift
  • Classic Dropbox features makes it easy to share and collaborate
  • Active Directory folders are automatically attached to the ZuperCloud user account
  • Own branding of web portal and mobile client

How do I get started?

Contact us today at +45 87 25 07 87 for more information about the features of Cloud Enterprise.