ZuperCloud Hybrid

ZuperCloud Hybrid

Hybrid combines the speed of local storage with the ease of access provided by cloud storage.

ZuperCloud Hybrid allows a company to attach local file servers to the cloud - maintaining the local access but combining it with all the sync and share benefits of the cloud.

With data syncing from the local file server to the ZuperCloud, the company secures reliable remote backup for its files.

Who is it for?

Hybrid is the perfect solution for a company looking to preserve its existing file server but attaching it to a cloud solution to bring it in tune with the growing need to sync data and access anywhere. By adding the file server to the ZuperCloud, the company will have the best of both worlds.


ZuperCloud allows the continued use of the file server, but adds it to the cloud storage to enable access from anywhere without the need for clunky VPN and FTP solutions that risk damper productivity.

ZuperCloud Hybrid at the same time serves as a robust external backup solution and provides access to the file server from mobile devices, home computers or other company locations. Team members can sync and share from any location.


  • Security of external backup
  • Replaces VPN- and FTP
  • Continued direct access to the file server inside the company
  • Mobile access from all devices
  • Version contrl and file locking
  • Team members stay productive on the go

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