ZuperCloud Team

ZuperCloud Team

ZuperCloud Team Edition provides you with simple and secure path to share and sync, backup and collaborate online

Store, sync and share files securely and quickly with ZuperCloud's robust cloud technology. ZuperCloud makes collaboration a breeze and simplifies the way you access your files. The Team edition supports the same features as the Personal version, but also includes a number of collaboration features - such as file locking.

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Who is it for?

Zupercloud Team is intended for any company looking to provide easy access to its files and efficient collaboration. ZuperCloud Team is favourably priced with only two user licenses required to get started.


  • Access anywhere
  • Always stay in sync
  • Security of cloud backup
  • Simple sharing of large files
  • Collaborate efficiently in teams
  • File locking prevents unwanted changes
  • Encryption to prevent spying

How do I get started?

Contact us for more information or order a free trial to see up close what ZuperCloud can do for your business.